Any chance Muss brings CV in against Gonzaga at times to guard Holgrem( who doesn’t seem particularly quick) freeing J Will to guard Timme? It seems like a place where big CV could help us. Thoughts?

IMO no chance. He will go with the same guys that got him here.

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CV will play only if foul trouble dictates it I am afraid. The Zaga bigs are FAR quicker and more agile than Conner.

I’m intrigued at the thought of him playing. He certainly won’t start, but I could see if things went wrong trying to stop the big guy, maybe experimenting with him in there. I think we’ll try and speed things up though, and he wouldn’t fit into that.

I didn’t think Holgrem looked that quick, but maybe I am mistaken.

I’m probably the least competent guy to opine, but since that hasn’t stopped me before, I’ll do it now. If we see CV it’s only because we’ve gotten into some really bad foul trouble

I don’t think Holgrem is super quick…but way quicker than CV.

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I agree LDhog and CV IS one of those guys that helped to win those first 15 games BEFORE Muss found the great group that he now has. That should count for something. However, ONLY IF he’s needed now.

IMHO Ihope Connor is not even needed for this game but I hope he stays ready in case he is.

And I love some Connor. I hope against hope he can eventually contribute.

Yes I hear ya. His heart is RAZORBACKS all the way!

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CV is a great young man but he can’t guard the pick and roll. God did not gift him with quick feet.


I wouldn’t. Holmgren is much, much more mobile than Connor. I think we’ll see Stan defend Holmgren and have him use his strength to perhaps push him around a bit and athleticism to contest shots.


That ships sailed. We won’t see Conner unless something has changed from the regular season

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He moves well for a guy his size and can handle the ball. This is no disrespect at all to Connor but I don’t think he could keep up with him. Chet might be the top overall pick this year. I honestly don’t remember but did we play Connor on Kessler from Auburn much? That would be the best comparison to Chet that we have faced, IMO

I think Kessler is more dominant than Holmgren. Bigger stronger. Holmgren gets backed down but does get in position and make blocks on other bigs.
Don’t recall Vanover ever in the game against Kessler. Or in any game for quite a long time.

I think Vanover is physically stronger than Holmgren. If only his feet could move a bit faster.

Vanover’s last game action was against the Chickens on January 18.

No way. Have you seen Holmgren play? Goodness man, he would abuse Vanover. Holmgren would get around him with ease because he can handle the ball well. Vanover does not have the athletic ability to guard him. Not all 7 footers are the same.

Holmgren is a lottery pick.

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Thanks for the education. I had no idea all 7 footers weren’t the same.