Heard unverified rumor things might be looking good?

Keeping hope alive

Heard that a few weeks back then everything went silent. Hope it’s true

I guess we’ve never been in this situation before but I never remember kids not getting an answer before the season starts.

Seems so incompetent by the NCAA not to be able to rule on these things in a faster manner.

What happens if we are halfway through the season and then they grant Vanover his waiver? Do you play him or go ahead and redshirt him?

I think there are several players not cleared yet. As for half a season, we need some size. I (personally) think he needs a year in the gym, but we are so small, I believe we will need his hieght at some point

There was some smoke this morning that he had been approved but it was from a fake Trey Biddy twitter account. Would link the tweet but it’s been deleted.

Yes, this is absurd. With all the $$$ the NCAA is pulling in, you’d think they could put in the staff and the hours to at least respond “yes or no” to every waiver request before the season starts. The only exception should be if they requested further info early enough and the school was negligent in responding in a timely manner.

It’s easy to say no. It takes time to say yes.

I’ve heard things are positive, so just be patient.

Sorry if a false alarm.

Heard a rumor and could not help but be excited and come here to learn if any truth to it.

I think you’ll hear something very soon.

Is it “very soon” yet? :innocent:

Getting there. Very soon.

Not as optimistic as I have been.

Oh, no. Did you really have to add that last sentence? :disappointed:

Twitter says he was denied.