Vanover transferring to Oral Roberts

Made the announcement today on Instagram:


Congrats Connor! He should do well there.

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Does this make it more likely that J-Will stays, purely on numbers, or is it totally irrelevant?

Probably one of the best places he could go to give himself a chance to show enough to play pro ball.


Doesn’t impact JWill. We’ve counted him as gone. Still would be one over if JWill returns.

I wish him the very best he gave everything is ability allowed him to give. He’s a great kid was always standing and clapping and supporting his teammates even though he never stepped foot on the floor for the last month or so. That’s what you call a teammate… I will always root for guys like Connor.


I haven’t counted him as gone. I think he’s just being very thorough it is decision and I believe he will be coming back. I could be wrong but I just got a feeling he knows he could be a part of something special and wants one more crack in front of the crowds at BWA.


I believe he was referring to CV being “counted as gone” not JWill.

If JWill comes back, is someone else told to leave … who now has no chance of entering the portal and playing next year ?

That would be wrong !

Oh okay… I misread it

Yes thanks Greg. That’s what I meant.

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I know how and who I would choose. Discussions have likely covered the possibilities.


Feb 9

I’ve been thinking about how badly Oral Roberts needs a Big Man. He could reunite with old High School teammate Issac McBride, and still be fairly close to home (Tulsa).


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Connor made a good decision choosing Oral Roberts, imo. I think he’ll do well there. Obviously he and his family put a lot of thought into the best possible transfer destination.

Best wishes to Connor. I hope you have a great year.


Thank you Conner, best wishes! WPS

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Well said, Youdaman.


Wishing all the best for Connor. I think he found the right program and should do well. I know I will follow his game

He took his benching with dignity, always trying to be a good teammate even when he was not playing. The young man has character. I wish the best for him in the future.

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