Vanover to announce (story)...

after he takes his finals on Monday and Tuesday.

Feel pretty sure he’ll be a Razorback. … er-finals/

DD you apparently have a good relationship there from what I have read, do you not think it odd he hasn’t committed already if he were coming here?

He is going to do this right… inform his current Coaches & teammates (and others) personally before they read it on Social Media.

Will we go for getting him eligible for 2019? Do we have a shot?

I thought he may be a 2019 guy, but may have to sit a year.

Like that

Good write-up DD!

BTW, I liked the original photo that was posted with the story!!! :smiley: :oops:

It is a very conscientious family who likes to do things the right way.

That’s cool, just seems as if you have put yourself in the portal and are visiting other schools, that the current school already knows the situation.