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Has Arkansas offered?

I’m going to assume so since we visited him in California and then brought him in on an official visit. I will be shocked if he isn’t a Hog by Monday.


I expect we could know before he heads back home to LR tomorrow (Sat).

Does anyone know if he went to the baseball game last night to watch that “Bauming” of LSWhoo? I looked in the crowd to see if I could pick out his monster frame… but I did not get to watch the entire broadcast.

Hopefully we go 2 for 2 this weekend.

I believe Conner fits in with what Muss wants to do on offense. Spread it out and shoot 3’s. Hard to block the shot of a 7’3” long range bomber.
Big question is how he will fare on defense against much stronger and quicker SEC players.

I feel pretty confident.

I still think we get one more.

He would not be here if he had not been offered.

He fit Mike’s system on the offensive end too. Defense was the only issue. In fact I don’t see anything different in the two systems on the offensive end.

I’ve been talking to Ramblin quite a bit about this through pm. Right now on the 76rs, there is a player named Boban Marjanovic, he is actually 7’3 and can hit from the outside (this was his first year shooting the three and he shot it at a 50% clip, but he doesn’t shoot it at the same volume as Connor). I watched him the other night on defense. His size disrupted the Raptors. His length was an issue. He is a bit slow (I actually believe Connor to be more athletic), but he clogged up the lane, creating all kinds of issues. The problem I see with Connor, is he is too light. Depending on which site, he is between 215-225. Boban is 290. This was another factor the Raptors had against them. It was taking two guys to body him out on rebounds. I don’t think Connor could become an “Oak Tree” at his current size. He’d get pushed around to easy. If he can add about 50lbs. He’d be very solid defensively.

Now, I also told Ramblin, I think Connor would have a good NBA career on the right team, but I don’t believe the Warriors are that team, I think someone like Utah or even Denver (I’d love to see him play with Joker, I think he can learn a lot from him) would fit him better for his size, skill set, and athleticism both offensively and defensively. Now, I say this because Muss says his style is like the Warriors.

Although, as a caveat, the Warriors sometimes push the ball and shoot before everyone crosses half court, so you could have a way to save some energy for Connor by him being able to hang back for easier transition on defense, and other times walking the ball up, allowing him to set up on the perimeter.

He’s definitely a perplexing and interesting offer to me.

I had the same question, just not stated here previously. Obviously, if offered the HC thinks Connor can make a difference. I would love to see that, and how it would work in the new offense…from someone who always wanted to be a Hog.

2 things

  1. Conner is completely able to play uptempo, don’t see him slowing the system down.
  2. Per Muss, they ain’t walking anywhere.

Muss being a Moneyball analytics guy, 3 is more than 2. It’s a big deal in his system. Freedom 3 ball
was made for Connor Vanover. He’s a fit.

In the Cal highlights, I see enough improvement in him in that I too am intrigued to see what he can do for us. As I mentioned this is what I was hoping to see by his senior year in high school, Just took a year longer. Come on over Connor.

HC sees something in him and that’s all the matters I guess.

I will be completely contrarian for argument sake of a program that made a coaching change in order to take a step and be nationally relevant again.

We are said to need to be tough again.

Not to knock any kid that wants to be a Hog ever.

Other than the Arkansas tie and he’s tall, is he a missing piece to be elite?

We are all competing for a kid who is at Cal and considering Vandy?

Don’t know if that says elite program about us but I’m hoping our HC sees diamond in rough and final four vision.

Does he have any inside game at all?? I know he is razor thin but in a motion offense seems like you should be able to get him the ball on the move and have him go up for a shot or at least pump fake and draw the foul and let him shoot FT.I assume he’s a good FT shooter.

He shoots 67% from the charity stripe. If he gets the ball in pick and rolls, heading towards the basket, he should be able to legit shoot over everyone, and he’s good enough that he should hit more than he misses. However, I don’t think he can handle the ball, with a pump fake, drive (attacking the basket). I think that’s the type of player Muss looks for. Now, Connor will sit for a year, so he has a chance to add weight (as I said before I think he should play at 260+). It would make it harder to move him “box him out” because of just sheer size. He also has the chance to learn how to dribble drive, and really work on his court vision. If we can surround him with the 6’5-6’8 multiple position players that can shoot, I think he could be very similar to Joker, but right now, he’s not there, and we don’t have those players surrounding him, yet.

I don’t see Connor maturing physically enough to be like Jokic. Jokic is also a heck of a passer. I have not seen that skill in Connor. Also Jokic creates space for rebounding by how wide he is. Don’t think Connor has that. He is just straight up right now.

However, if he sits out a year, it is intriguing what he could be as a senior.

I absolutely agree.

I think the system plays to his strength not his weakness.

I don’t, I think the opposite