Vandy's Franklin rebuilds Penn State

Congrats to him for a great job with a proud program that truly needed some leadership in tough times

Yep. Franklin got a couple of breaks though. One is that the NCAA cut way back on the sanctions after realizing they’d gone too far. If they’d left the sanctions intact, PSU would have been crippled for a very long time. Two is that it was a school that is better equipped to rebound than most. There’s a lot of talent in Pennsylvania. Not only that, but Penn State is the main CFB power in the whole Northeast, which has 55 million people in PA and states to its east and north. It’s like USC, which also got clobbered by the NCAA, but is in a talent-rich area and is getting close to getting back to national prominence.

PA has clear talent advantage over Arkanasa.

And Franklin no better than Beilema otherwise.

This is the point.

So what is our AD plan for more talent or must we just hope become big state fast.

earlier in the year they were ready to fire him. he pulled it out. never liked him as a coach. defenses were pretty salty but i hated his offense… hope long never looks his way as long as he is at arkansas

Yes, he was on the “hot seat” going into this year. As for him coming to Arkansas, I don’t think there much danger there. He’s already declined to interview once. Did that while at Vandy.