Vandy Whistler

I swear the Vandy whistler is the single most annoying thing on any sports event I’ve ever tried to watch on TV except for maybe those damn buzzing things that are used at world soccer events.

I swear I almost root for Vandy to lose just because of that whistler!!

I don’t for 2 reasons.

#1 Its reflection on Arkansas.
Bear with me while I explain. A few years back in Football, you ended the years with some really skewed RPI and SOS numbers for I think it was the then Big East, all I can remember is Rutgers was one of the teams. What had happened was several teams in that conference were rated high and they kept the numbers skewed by only playing each other. Then when bowl season came around and they played outside the conference they were all crushed. SO the same scenario could be said to have existed this year in baseball because with so many highly ranked teams and the SEC playing each other kept the numbers inflated. So by that reasoning Arkansas being #1 may have been an inflated poll position. If the SEC gets beat out of the CWS then others can point to something like that. But if an SEC team or even 2 teams make the final, then thats instant validation of how good the SEC was/is this season.

#2 Show me the money
I know in football, the money for post season play is based on a tier system. Bowls have always had a tier system and some pay more than others, but you also have a tier with the playoff. So much for making the playoff and then additional for making the Final. I do not believe there is additional for winning, but not sure on that one. So I suspect there is a tier for baseball as well, so much for a regional, a super regional, then so much for making the CWS, then additional for the Finals. So in a round about way, success of SEC teams there could get more money for the Hogs.

So GO SEC and someone please slip a spoon full of alum in the drink of the damn Vandy Whistler.

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I believe there are two of them.

According to the Nashville paper there are indeed two, with slightly different whistling patterns. One gets the fans to clap along, the other doesn’t.

I might be in the minority here but I find the howling at Hog baseball games quite annoying.

I agree. It’s rude to those sitting near you. We sat in front of a fan that screeched at the top of his lungs every time TCU was on offense in 2017. It was beyond annoying. Yelling is fine but high pitched junk is rude. IMO

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Oh I agree. I will forever be ticked off at the Aubie baseball team for starting that.

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Please explain. I am not aware of these origins.

A few years ago Aubie played at Arkansas. When they got on base or were getting pitches called balls during their at bats, they began whooping. As the games proceeded, Arkansas fans gave it right back to them. The next thing that you knew, it became an Arkansas thing. Ugh.

Ugh indeed. I wish I could mute those people.

I know. There is a really nice guy who sits behind me. When his grandson joins him, I’m in for whooping in my ear. The good news is that he doesn’t attend every game … and next year he will be in school in Florida.

I understand your thinking on the need for SEC teams to do well in post season. However, I don’t think either remaining team has to win to validate the SEC’s position. The SEC is now 4-3 in the CWS with 3 teams making it. Only TN is 0-fer. MSU is 2-0. Vandy is 2-1. If both teams win one more game, the SEC will be 6-5 in the CWS & that will be plenty good enough. NCS is 2-0 & VA is 2-1. It could end up with a better record than the SEC, but unless both end up facing each other in the finals, I don’t see people suddenly putting the ACC ahead of the SEC. The PAC’s two teams are gone. The Little 12 got one: Texas is 2-1 and went 0-3 against the SEC in Arlington. If it manages to win (unlikely), I don’t see that boosting the Little 12 above the SEC in reputation.

I’m still sick we’re not there & in contention, so I’m not sure any possible outcome now will make me happy. I think I’d like to see NCS to face MSU in the finals with NCS winning 2-1. That’s the least awful of the scenarios I see.

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I would prefer that.

NCS and MSU would be a good match up for all the

To hell with the rest of the SEC, we recruit directly with all of them and a NC in their corner is a lot of ammo.

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