Vandy Whistler passes away

Apparently, this is fake news from a troll account. Sorry.

Hmmmmm. I assume someone will pick up where he left off.

That is a troll account.

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Yep, unfortunately, it is.

Well they have 2 of them. You have to give the guy credit he was unbelievable fan even though it was annoying as it could be he was very passionate

My thoughts and prayers to his family. I sure won’t miss hearing the whistle!

It was fake news. He’s still whistling.

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Glad he didn’t die, but I wish he’d lose the whistle.


but the Cleveland Indians/Guardians drum beater did die recently…so one won’t be hearing the constant beating of the drum from the stands at Progressive Field in the future

Two things:

Just to reiterate, this tweet has been refuted by reporters who cover Vanderbilt’s team.

Jeff Pack is one of two whistlers at Vandy games. There is another named Preacher Franklin.

Yes - I edited to OP after finding this out.

Would be ironic if that dancin’ fool hit his head on one of those traffic lights the truck is passing under…

I have visual confirmation of one of the Whistlers. He is staying at my hotel.

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