Vandy vs AR Game Thread

Let’s Go WPS!

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We need to pick it up, still early

A bit sluggish. They will pick it up.

Figured we would start off like this…giving them confidence is not good.

Perhaps we should play all games on the road.

Start playing or we lose.

Neither team is playing well, but we’ve given up easy points by sloppy play.

No energy from anyone tonite. Pretty lethargic.

This is hard to watch.

I be glad when we get a halfcourt walk it up low post bucket from Gafford so we can stop this nonsense of forcing it inside for TO’s. He did did get a dunk in transition. So that’s a thought. Self imposed slowdown, tempo is terrible.

I think they have forgot how to go down low to the big man.

No energy…poor play…where’s the offense?

Just making silly plays instead of taking what Vandy is giving them. Guys are yelling at each other like they don’t know what’s going on. Settle down and win the last 4 minutes.

Wow…just wow. Vandy is 0-8. Talk about bad losses if this keeps up…

No excuse whatsoever to be playing this pathetically… mr. Jekyll meet mr. Hyde

This is getting harder and harder for an old man like me to endure…

No idea how to attack this defense

Sloppy with the ball

Wash, rinse, repeat

Chaney has made some bad plays tonight that cost us.

They have forgot how to push tempo so they can. Walk it up every time. It’s just horrid. Cramp inside cram it inside, brick TO brick TO fumble it around walk it walk it walk It.

Nice 20 point half at home. I don’t get it.

What ya know a umptempo transition 3! Duh