Vandy up 38-17 on Ole Miss

Barring a Black Bear miracle, if OM doesn’t beat Moo U next week, the state of Mississippi may be shut out of bowl games. Southern Miss has five wins and has to beat La Tech Friday to become bowl eligible. Moo U can’t do better than 5-7, and Ole Miss will be 5-7 if they lose the Egg Bowl.

And Evan Engram just limped off the field with a bad hammy. Nice way to send OM into NCAA jail.

Works for me!

I could say that upsets me, but it’d be a really big lie. This week I’m an MSU fan. Regardless, I’m shocked that Vandy beat OM so easily. Not terribly surprised they won, but I’d never have guessed it’d be a lopsided win.

This has been a strange season. Teams get manhandled one week & then manhandle what appears to be a better team the next week. OM>UGA>Auburn>us>OM>A&M>us>Fla>LSU>us. List goes on & on.