Vandy turned it around in the

In the 2nd half against the hogs…that first half scrum turned their season around. This win over Ky should push them into the field.


Sure hope it does. It would be criminal for Vandy not to make The Tourney.
They basically beat the Smurfs tonight, without their best player, in a sea of old bourbon and self righteousness.
Even if it was in Nashville, I am impressed with the job Stack has done, and I’m gonna be pulling for him tomorrow.


Except for NET, which is pretty bad (79th), Vandy’s metrics are in line with other bubble teams that are seen as safely in the tournament. And 10-1 in the last 5+ weeks is pretty salty no matter what. Rutgers got in last year with a similar NET ranking so it’s not impossible.

Playing the SEC Tourney at Home is a pretty good gig.

If you thought that was a home game last night, I don’t know what to tell you.
The amount of blue wss nauseating, as per usual.

Yep…makes me wanna throw up…

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So they go back disappointed. Boo hoo.

Won’t be many there today with Mustard and the Jellycats both out, unless Vandy people scoop up everything on StubHub.

I’m a Vandy fan and hope they win the tournament. Just don’t let the soulless team win.

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For sure neutral site. But Vandy well represented. And UK fans sat on their hands disgusted after first 10 minutes.

I was at the game last night. We also stayed for the first half of the Kentucky/Vandy game. Bridgestone arena seats around 18K for basketball. It was close to capacity for that game. And, all but a few hundred were Kentucky fans. Whether you like them or not, that was impressive. No home court advantage for Vandy.

Hats off to Vandy. They certainly looked like an NCAA tournament team last night. Even more impressive considering the fate of the other three teams that played the night before (Miss St., Tennessee, and our hogs). There were a lot of things that went wrong in the second half of our game, including some tired legs. Saw the same thing in the other two games (well, St. was out of it from the start). Tired legs not in a major way (they are 18/19 year olds after all) but just enough to make a slight difference which was huge considering the level of competition.