Vandy takes the title

Second straight year somebody won the first game of the championship series in Omaha and then lost two straight. This time the SEC team comes out on top.

Vandy’s looked like the best team in the country most of the year. Very appropriate champion.

They deserve it,they were the best team I saw this year.

I agree. They were the best team in the country all year. They also proved you can win the SEC Regular Season Championship, SEC Tournament Championship, and National Championship in the same year. I would love to see Arkansas do that next year!

They walked the walk and answered who the best team
in college baseball is this year. What a record. To go through
the great teams they played this year and to only lose twelve
games is quite a feat. The fifty-nine wins scream loudly
of a dominating team.

Michigan was better than most of us realized. Way better.

Yep, their record speaks for itself.
Accomplished winning everything that can be won in a season.
Congrats Vandy.

Baseball is one of those games where the best team quite often loses. Didn’t happen this time. Vandy was the best team & deserved to win. I hate, though, that we didn’t get to the finals or at least to the final game in our bracket. I think we were one of the 3-5 best teams in the country this year.

Yes, I agree. Overall, I will remember this as a very, very good and enjoyable season. However, that said, there is the feeling that we peaked a little early and were somewhat flat at the end of the year, when it mattered most.

If the tournament had been played in mid-April to mid-May, we’d have won it. We were playing the best ball in the country during that period. However, starting with the A&M series, we went 7-7 the rest of the season. Not good enough at Championship time.

It’s no one’s fault; teams play better/worse at various junctures of any season. It is very much to Vandy’s credit that they never really did have a “flat” time in their season, so they are deserving champions.

Ironically, many of our CWS teams have had a “flat spot” during the regular season, only to turn the corner and peak at the end of the year. If this team had done that, we might be celebrating a Championship right now.

One thing for sure, come tournament time, Vandy had the best #2 starter in the country. Not certain, but I think I remember the announcers saying Rocker would be MLB draft eligible after his Sophomore season. If so Vandy will only get 2 years out of him.

Quite possibly is the case, peaked early but this team accomplished a lot more than most expected.
Couple of players didn’t quite have as good a year at the plate as expected, yet a few others surprised with break thru seasons.
We are spoiled by DVH and his success here. I know everyone expects him to win a NC and I hope he does win more than one myself. As someone said the best team in baseball doesn’t always win. We weren’t the best this year but we were right in the mix with the best of the best and deservedly so.

Rocker will not be draft eligible until 2021. Vandy will have him two more seasons.

How does a team hit its peak early when it makes the College World Series? I don’t understand that line of thinking.

Arkansas went 5-3 in the NCAA Tournament. I don’t agree that the team wasn’t playing well enough at the end of the season. It flat dominated a strong Ole Miss team two times in the super regional, then lost two one-run games in Omaha.

Phil Elson said it best: You should never have to apologize for what happens in Omaha because no one makes it there on a fluke.

Great post, Matt.

I don’t know if anyone said anything about “having to apologize” for this past season; but if someone did, it certainly was not me. You make it sound like I’m making some sort of condemnation of this year’s team, and that’s absolutely NOT the case. Please, Matt - don’t put words in my mouth that I didn’t speak/write. You’re better than that.

What I DID say was that this team played it’s BEST baseball between mid-April and mid-May; I don’t think there’s any debate about that. That doesn’t mean that they played BADLY the final month of the season; just not as well as they might have. To paraphrase my earlier comment, 50% ball is not good enough to win/advance at this time of the year. And that’s what Arkansas was the last month of the year.

Should a team ever have to “apologize” for a season that ends in the CWS? No, they should not. I don’t feel that way and that’s not what I said. But it would be less than honest to deny that I expected and hoped for a better showing once they got there. They had a real shot at winning the whole thing, but my honest expectation is that they’d win a game or two, and then be eliminated. Anything above that would have been “gravy”, as it were.

The season should not be (and has not been, IMO) judged solely on them winning the Championship there. At the same time, this is not a team that should be satisfied with an 0-2 showing in Omaha (and I’m sure that, privately, they are not - despite what they might say for public consumption). But that doesn’t mean I’m “down” on them. Disappointed just a little at the way things ended? Sure. But I’m not upset with them - at all. To the contrary - this was a very entertaining and enjoyable season for me as a fan. They certainly exceeded my expectations going into the year.

As I pointed out, this program (under DVH) has a history of peaking (playing their best ball) in the post season. This team did not do that; they certainly didn’t “tank” (see 2016), but they didn’t “peak” either. That doesn’t mean they “are losers” or anything of that sort. It just “is what it is”. Teams don’t always play their best at the most important moments. That’s the nature of sports.

My point is that they weren’t playing 50 percent ball in the NCAA Tournament. If they were they wouldn’t have made it past the regional round.

The inability to win at the end of the regular season had zero bearing on the postseason. The team was outstanding for five of six games in the regional and super regional rounds, then lost two tossups to good teams in Omaha.

I agree with most of your thoughts, but just disagree with the assessment the team somehow hit its peak early or wasn’t playing well at the end of the year - and you’re not the only one I’ve heard express that sentiment. Any team at the College World Series has to be playing extremely well late in the year to get there.

I didn’t say the Razorbacks weren’t playing “well” at the end of the year; just not as well as they could have been. Or, more to the point, as consistently as they needed to.

Agree to disagree on the fact that they played better from mid-April to mid-May than they did the rest of the season. During the April-May run (from the last Vandy game through the LSU series), the Hogs went 11-2 in SEC play and won games by an average score of 10 to 4. This included series wins over LSU and Kentucky, and sweeps of Tennessee and CWS participant Mississippi State.

To be fair, our pitching was pretty good the last part of the year. It was our offense that ultimately kept us from advancing. Over the last month of the season, we produced just 5.2 runs per game - half of what we had the prior month. Worse, the offense was inconsistent - getting 11 runs twice (Central Connecticut, Ole Miss) and 14 runs, but being limited to just 6 runs in 5 losses (to A&M, Georgia, Ole Miss, and FSU).

One might say that the competition level was better over the last month than it was the prior month, but that turns out to be deceiving. Even allowing for the fact that most of the teams encountered in the Tournament were playing "good ball’ at the time we played them, the average RPI of the 17 game opponents we played from mid-April to mid-May is actually a little bit higher than those played the last part of the season (14 games). And remember - the late season runs our NCAAT opponents made are “baked in” (I used the final RPI numbers from Warren Nolan’s site, as he includes tournament results as well) to this comparison. Also, the RPI for the earlier stretch includes games against dogs Pine Bluff, Grambling and NW State - and still averages higher than the end-of-season group.

In summary - it was a great year; exceeded my (and most) expectations; cooled somewhat at the end of the year, and had a disappointing result in Omaha.

Yep - that pretty well sums up 2019 in a nutshell.

Does Vandy get an extra scholarship or two for winning the NC?

LOL, they don’t need any extras.