Vandy Softball

Is like the Easter Bunny. It does not exist. How is this possible?

Simple. They haven’t spent the money to have a softball team. Or gymnastics (only 8 of the 14 SEC schools have gymnastics, and Texass doesn’t either).

Instead, Vandy has lacrosse. And bowling, which actually won Vandy’s first natty in any sport before Corbin got the baseball team there.

I actually find that hilarious, given Vandy’s reputation as a school for rich white kids. I’m pretty sure Duke doesn’t have a bowling team. Wonder if they wear ridiculous bowling shirts?

Women’s Lacrosse is a ridiculous sport. Every young woman I knew, who played it, wished they could have played by the men’s rules.

Ridiculous that they don’t have a softball team. Bunch of weirdos over there anyway. Look at their freaking baseball coach

The weirdest weirdo may be the whistler….:flushed:


If he shows up at Baum, he needs to be introduced to Lake Norm.


He fits right in with them to be honest,such a strange organization

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Most annoying SEC things….(IMO)

Rama Jama….

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Has anyone ever hit a homer into the retention pond (Lake Norm) beyond the scoreboard? Looks like 450 ft from home plate. Swine would know

I saw Kjerstad hit one out there I believe

I’d substitute the whole damn state of Alabummer.

The scoreboard is bigger now than at one point. So yes there have been splashes in Lake Norm.

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