Vandy’s Sunday Pitcher is

Kumar Rocker, son of former Razorback Football Coach Tracy Rocker. He was very highly regarded and recruited out of high school.

tracy’s wife loved her time in Nashville, he has been all over the football world and was well liked here in Nashville. Tracy outkicked his coverage getting his wife. Not surprised that his kid ended up here. Probably hurts aubbies to the core.

Big powerful guy with a powerful arm but surprisingly threw mostly off-speed stuff.

Why do people say “outkicked his coverage”? In football when you outkick your coverage, it’s a bad result. I don’t get the analogy.

My suspicion is that, like a long punt, it can be a very good thing (roll dead at the 1 yard line) or it can come back to bite you in the butt (return to the house).

I’ve always wondered similar thoughts when they say “he married up.” I guess they are saying she’s a lot taller than him. Or she is from Kansas City.