Vandy question

I keep seeing stuff on Twitter since the CWS ended that Vandy is able to give full scholarships to everyone on the roster; basically 11.7 doesn’t apply to them. Anyone know what they’re talking about or is it tweet guano?

Looking at the Vandy website, apparently their financial aid office provides grants, not loans, to all students (not just athletes) based on financial need, making the actual cost of attendance to a kid and his parents equal to/less than most state schools. Which would get around NCAA rules because it’s available to all students in the same way that Army, Navy and Air Force get away with paying stipends to their athletes, because everybody else gets one too. They call it Opportunity Vanderbilt.

But all schools give financial aid based on need that is basically what the federal PEL grant is. Also all schools of any size use their endowment to offset the cost of attending for all students by granting aid if their is financial need. Is Vanderbilt doing something different than any other school, as in do they have money that is specifically for athletes or do all of their athletes receive moneys over and above any partial athletic scholarship?

Vandy’s endowment allows them to give financial need assistance to a far greater base of students than what the Federal Pell Grant does. It is a tremendous advantage in baseball. Rice had a good baseball run. Duke is starting to. Private schools have potentially more opportunities to get around the 11.7 limit.

Arkansas also has its advantages. Our border state program allows us to offer kids in border states at in state rates. There is also a beyond borders, or something like that, that can essentially do the same thing for kids in other states if they meet the criteria.

As long as the program is available to all students then it is available to baseball players as well. It is distinctly unfair but like with most issues in college baseball (11.7, 3rd paid assistant, Perry Costello) the NCAA (or ADs or whoever) seem to ignore any desire to find solutions.

Arkansas has over a $1 Billion endowment. They can offer a fairly decent financial package to every student "in need"if they wanted to.

Vandy gives scholarships to ALL students, esp med and grad students. If there is an exception then I don’t know it and therefore might circumvent NCAA 11.7 rule. Not all schollies are full but they are plentiful esp as relates to academics and our endowment is like all rich folks, you can say however you wish but having money makes money]