Vandy out early

Vandy has hit 3 early and they’ve been able to get the rim.

Vandy did the same thing to UK early that they did to us at BWA. Cats have done a better job of getting back into it than we did, but Vandy still in control.

How has Vandy lost 13 games??

Their are up 13 now at Kentucky and the wildcats have never been in this game.

Long way to go but Vandy looks like a top 10 team when I have seen them play

Monk will step up some time soon

Vandy has major depth issues. They wear down in the second half. We came back on them in Nashville. Kentucky is coming back on them tonight. We came back on them in BWA too but had too much to overcome (21 point halftime margin).

The depth issue really has shown up in their play in the second half. Turnovers and it appears Vandy is running on fumes.

How much would a Vandy win help our RPI? Although I don’t want to get matched up with them in Nashville in the 4/5 game next week.

Gutty effort, but UK to much at home.

UK athletes really dug in on defense and Vandy wore down.

We clinch the double bye and no worse then 4th in the tournament.

Vandy just passed too many open looks and for the shot clock run down and ended up with bad looks

Wow spoke to soon. Back down to 2 with 20 seconds left.

Fun game.

Wouldn’t make much difference. UK win knocks us from 31 to 32 at Probably would have stayed at 31 if Vandy won.

Actually, this outcome is good for us. We’ve clinched the double-bye, won’t play until Friday at the SECT. The only way for us to lose the double bye would have been for Vandy to win out and us to lose out; the win over UK would give them the tiebreaker for fourth place over us.

Vandy cannot finish fifth now, by the way. Ole Miss plays at Bama tomorrow; somebody has to win. That winner will be solo 5th in the league with one game to play. The loser will be tied with Vandy for 6th. Ole Miss and Bama both hold the tiebreaker over Vandy. Also, Vandy finishes with Florida. They will be very lucky not to finish with 9 league losses, and if they do will probably be tied with Georgia, or A&M, or Tennessee, or some combination of the above.

Vandy had defensive problems as bad as ours earlier in the season. Once they got that straightened over the last month, they have been a tough out. Suspect ballhandling at times bit them again tonight.

As sure as the sun rises in the east, if UK is in trouble, Calipari will get a T. After the technical Vandy was whistled for 16 fouls and multiple walks to 8 fouls called on UK, while UK was pressing.

Yea, overall I thought the Kentucky winning was a better situation for us. I rather Kentucky go ahead and lock the #1 spot, and we lock in a top 4 spot. Also, Florida will have a little less motivation tomorrow knowing they can’t get first place now. With that said, I wouldn’t have complained if Vandy would have won that game. It really would have boosted their chances of making the NCAA tournament. And us having a win over them, would have gave us another opponent we’ve beaten that’s in the field. Now, the Florida game is a must win for them, and they probably need at least 2 wins in the SEC tournament to make it.

BTW Swine, I know you’re usually on top of things, what’s the most likely SEC tournament bracket?

Too many things can change this weekend, but I just posted how things would go if the tournament started tomorrow. For instance, it appears Georgia could finish anywhere from 5th to 10th.

By the way, Vandy’s RPI remained unchanged at 48 despite the loss tonight. A win tonight would have made it much more likely to get in, but the loss doesn’t kill their RPI. They will have to probably win at least two games in the SECT to make it, plus they need to beat Florida Saturday.

I would like for hogs to beat Florida and then Vandy put another Loss on them! Maybe Mr White would swear a little.
This is fun for our hogs to be getting ready for a dance!
Vandy still would need 2 wins in the SEC tournament. That Misery loss is really haunting them. Just like it’s haunting the hogs.