Vandy now leads OM 5/1 bot 4th.

They just hit a two run homer!
Forced a pitching change.

May not last long.
Top of 5th, bases loaded and no outs
Score now 5/3

Missy ties it up with no one out

Then Vandy pulls off the hidden ball trick

Gets a K

And a defensive gem from SS to keep Missy from taking lead

OM takes the lead. 6/5
Still batting.

Vandy retakes the lead 8/7 bot 6th
I out, runner on second.

Vandy, 3 outs away from taking the series.

Vandy won both games today over Ole Miss. that’s helps the hogs. I thought Ole Miss ran themselves out of the game in the 7 th inning getting thrown at 3rd attempting to steal.

Stuff happens!
Couldn’t have happen to a better team!!!

Ain’t the truth though. :smiley:

Tennessee up 7-3 on Corndogs in the bottom of the ninth. But Tennessee kicked a grounder to lead off the inning. We’ve seen this movie before in Baton Rouge.

By the way, those diehard LSU fans are filling less than a third of the park at Alex Box.

I always get a warm glow when OM loses. It’s especially sweet when it gives us a 2 game lead in the SECW

You’re right, Swine! Runners on the corners with no outs.
LSU just scored one run on a throwing error to 2nd. Runners now on first and second. Still no outs.
Forced pitching change Tenn leads by 3.

Now 7-6 Creamsicles. Winning run on 2nd for Corndogs, nobody out.

Tenn lead down to one run.
Runners on 2nd and 3rd. NO OUTS!
Another pitching change.

Corndogs get a walkoff three-run jack.