Vandy not throwing Rocker or Leiter against OM

They are throwing Little who has 8 starts .Hope OM beats the crap out of them but they are probably thinking they can outscore OM and then have the dynamic duo for later. We will see.

I will NOT pull for the rebnecks.


I will tonight because of the Arrogance of Vandy thinking they can win with a guy with limited experience in the SEC tournament.

When you have both your aces available for later, I guess they figure they can.
However if they get in the losers bracket that will have some impact on their two aces. You think?
But I still can’t pull for the rednecks either!

Why should they pitch either guy on shorter rest than what they would have in a normal league series? While Vandy is not sitting as pretty as the Hogs, they don’t need to go deep into the SEC tournament to be a national seed in the NCAAs. Losing the game tonight just would not be that important.

I think they are doing the smart thing by keeping those two on their normal rest. At some point if Vandy keeps advancing they will have to pitch on shorter rest, but now is not the time.

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Yeah it’s a gamble. OM doesn’t have much starting pitching since Hoglund went out for the season and Vandy probably thinks they can outscore them but OM took 2/3 from them and slapped the dores pitchers around pretty good so we will see.

Maybe they don’t really put much importance on winning the tourney. Nothing they do, (outside of being tourney champs), changes anything with regard to the regionals or their national seeding.
Same for us. Outside of winning the tourney, or accumulate two additional loses, nothing changes the fact that we will still be the #1 national seed.
At least that’s my understanding.

Yeah it would be nice to win but not to the extent you overwork your main guys. The main goal is to get some good work in and stay sharp for the regionals. The more I think about it keeping their top two guys on their normal rest is probably the reason.

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Yeah. The only reason I want to play this week is to get several pitchers the amount of work they need. I’d like to win, but I don’t want to play 5 games to do it. Win 4 & don’t over-extend anyone. Doubt we’ll see much of Kopps.

Vandy is going to be in a regional. Why should they use those pitchers? The SEC tournament is probably something that should go away. The SEC regular season has proven who deserves to be in a regional. This deal this week, as we all know, is a money grab for the SEC. Like they need it.

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I agree about the SECT. Regular season is over , Champion has been Declared, now let’s start regionals.

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We might use Kopps for one inning Saturday or Sunday, if we get there. If that.

The tournament isn’t a big money deal. But it does give teams that weren’t going to make the NCAA field one last shot. Like Bama. They’d probably have to win three more games but they’re still alive.

Don’t underestimate Little. He’s a very talented 17 year old who is going to be a star for them very soon.

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Insane that this kid is only 17.

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Yeah looks like Rocker Jr

Yeah he might help them forget about Rocker really quick if he plays like this

And he subsequently hurts his hand and now vandy is in trouble

Yep 3run bomb has OM up 3-1

They should NOT have thrown their weekend starters midweek. Pitching on normal rest is important.

yeah playing this tournament in midweek had me not thinking correctly,yes I know its important to get rest.