Vandy med student will probably supplant Sarah as Vandy kicker vs GA

maybe and maybe not, but right now Sarah is still the only K for the doremats:

This is highly interesting. I think it will break a lot of hearts if Sarah does not get a chance to kick an extra point. Of course, Vandy may not cross midfield again this week.

SEC Shorts becoming reality…

I don’t know the health situation of the Georgia defense, but the way Mizzou shut them down… Of course they did move the ball a couple of times, coughed it up once at the edge of normal field goal range. I think they’d have to get to at least the 20 before they’d think about letting her try a field goal. Kinda like how things were when everyone had a straight-on kicker; the 30 or 35 was not field goal range. I may have to see if I can find out what the UA record for longest field goal was before Bill McClard showed up.

Steve Cox kicked three against us in 1976 when he was still wearing a Tulsa uniform. I think at least one of them was 40 yards or more.

I was a freshman at UofA when McClard kicked the 60-yarder against SMU in 1970. It actually hit the cross bar in the south end zone and bounced through. Much celebration ensued!!

I remembered that the McClard 60-yarder hit the crossbar and bounced over (has that been 50 years?).

There had been 30 field goals of 50 yards or more in Hog history prior to this season. McClard is the only straight-on kicker on the list. So the old school record was less than 50 yards.

Steve Cox made a 60 yarder in the pros. He made a 50+ yarder in HS for Charleston against us at Ozark.

Do we know if Sarah even warmed up kicking field goals or kick offs before the game?

TV guys said she was making about 35 yarders in pregame.

Bounced right into the band that was assembled in the EZ getting ready to take the field for their halftime presentation. That was Homecoming (SMU game).

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Georgia-Vandy now postponed until the 19th due to excess COVID at VU (and I think some Dore players bailed out after Mason was fired). The other kickers should be back by then, I think. They’re also supposed to make up their game with EOE-K but Tennessee is playing A&M on the 12th, so it doesn’t look like that will happen,

Vandy has never had a winless season but it looks very much like this will be their first.

Yes. I even posted about watching her warmups. Her first kick was good, albeit pretty low. Her next kick had much better height.

I heard some radio talk about Bama & Fla not playing on the 12th if both clench their divisions with wins this weekend. Supposedly if that happened Vandy might have been substituted for Bama on our schedule. I have no idea if any of that has been seriously discussed at the SEC office

Anything seriously discussed at the SEC office would never favor Arkansas. :flushed:

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Well, since the decision was to play Arkansas-Alabama anyway, yep.

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