Vandy is no easy out

Not that anyone is this year for us.

They have played Florida and several teams very hard and have a few players I wish we had.

We can beat them but obviously a step up in talent over American conf.

Hope Ty might be able to play and hope others on O line are healthy.

We will have to play our best game of year to beat them.

Vandy has big advantage at OL, DL, QB and WR; TE is only place AR is advantaged. LBr play either side could make a case for being better, seondary is a maybe Vandy. FL game turned on a cheap shot, and KY last night was a deeper Stoops team finally wearing down a Mason like Vandy team. Mason is great off field, same in media and around campus (not a Franklin). If you get them down early then there is a chance to pin em to the mat. This AR team could not even do that against Eastern Ill… dont see a coach or a team leader who can will us over a legendary doormat of the SEC. I am watching to see how this goes then whow Vandy v UT to see who owns the bottom of the SEC, us or TN??

How the game is called will be critical to outcome of game. I don’t see us over Vandy who has been consistently solid on both lines all year. Mason holds back the O so we could catch a break by limiting the explosiveness of Lipscomb who could burn even Pulley all game long. No one much buys into Vandy or is passionate and that seems to seep into the team who accept it rather than resent it. Possible win, but we have to play better, coach better and run tempo to our liking. Vandy is better than OM but not as good as A$M which makes them a measuring stick as to whether Morris has made program differences worthy of competing in SEC.

We need a game with TN to be on equal footing and that ain’t 1998 comparison. #5 could win the game if he continues a deja vu year kinda like his Last Chance U role.

There are several aspects that I like about Vanderbilt, but I certainly don’t believe there is a vast divide between the two teams.

In fact, as long as Storey, Boyd and CJ O’Grady are healthy, I’ll take Arkansas to win a close one at home.

With Storey and the other two, I think the Razorbacks can put more points up than the Commodores.

I don’t think Vandy can put up a lot of points and think that Ole Miss is better and would outscore the Dores.

But I could be wrong.

Vandy is a solid team but not outstanding in any one area.They don’t have much depth so we have to stay in the game and hopefully we can pull one out,they play very hard and are solid on both lines,we will have to have a good gameplan like Bama to win it.

If our guys are healthy on both sides of the ball we have a very good opportunity for our first Sec win.The idea of playing fast on offense is detrimental for our defense with our lack of depth at this time unless you can play fast and sustain long time consuming drives. I have no reason to think that we won’t show up and be sharper against Vandy than any game this season, CCM have these guys improving every week and you can see the confidence growing quickly. We win against Vandy and it might be time to start sipping kool aid in moderation as things began to look up ! WPS