Vandy hasn't made a shot

In 17 minutes plus, since the 13:17 mark of the first half.

Well they got one, but I’m not sure it would have went in.

And they still haven’t. First basket was goaltended by DG.

And the game is still in doubt

You want to talk futility?
Anyone watch Mizzou and UGA?
Dawgs had 14 points at halftime. Midway through the SECOND HALF they had 16, and that was from two free throws.
They were shooting 16% from the field.
At one point the two teams combined were 0 for 30 shooting threes.

UGA rallied to score 39 points in the game

It was 19 and a half minutes between made field goals for Vandy. Almost a full half.

That is truly astonishing

Vandy may not get to 39 at this rate. Four points so far in the second half.

Vandy shooting makes ours look like the splash brothers :smiley: :smiley:

If the hogs wouldn’t foul Vandy might not have broke the 25 mark on the scoreboard.

Vandy is the worst SEC basketball team I have seen since Arkansas joined the SEC.

The Razorbacks were sloppy early but rolled in the second half. Kudos to Joe for breaking Thurman’s 3 point record.

We need to win Saturday to erase the futility of some of bad games we had this year.

The SEC tournament will show where we really are. Then ADHY will make a big decision.