Vandy Game

Now thatvlooks some Razorbacks on the field!

TD Arkansas

Rakeem Boyd is a difference maker

first drive for the Hogs. Now it’s the defense’s turn to impress.

WPS!! Great start.

We are seeing the rebirth of the Razorbacks!

Notice both Ark and Vandy feature backs wear #5

Where is Ryan pulley?

Looking like a track meet so far.

Did they run rughtbat Bumper Pool?

Well he will be ready next time

Track meet

Santos to be so slow, you’d expect him to give a little bit of effort.

On that replay I was reminded why I’m constantly so pissed to see him on the field.

Buster Brown started instead. Chuck noted that Bumper also started in place of Greenlaw but Greenlaw came in quickly.

yes it was!! too bad our defense didn’t come out reaady to play rammed it right down our throat.

First Down!

Santos starting strong for the other team’s mvp. Usual suspects.

Hmm, interesting.

If we are going with young guys, why are we doing it where it needs to be done… safety.

What’s with this illegal formation?

Santos isn’t as slow as you think. You have a lot of fast guys in the SEC.

throw the ball! had a guy open over the middle!

Go Hogs Go

He’s pretty slow, and his effort is the main thing, it’s bad.