Vandy claims its standards were too high for the admissions scandal

Oh puhleeze. Vandy’s tougher than Yale? Yeah right.

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The problem here isn’t “Vandy’s claims”. The problem with this article is the moron writing it who apparently isn’t a Vandy grad and is unable to distinguish between “high academic standards” and “thorough vetting of records” - irrespective of the standards.

Vanderbilt’s response states that VU “…firmly believes in ensuring access to education for all qualified students on the basis of an individual applicant’s complete and factual record."

“We are troubled by the recent allegations that some individuals have sought to deceptively tilt the college admissions process at other universities in their favor,” the statement read. “We strive to establish an accurate and holistic picture of each applicant – working closely with high school guidance counselors and confirming, to the extent possible, that information provided by prospective students and their families is legitimate.

In the quotes provided Vanderbilt never references “high standards” but they do mention “complete and factual” records and how they attempt to ensure that through “checks and balances”, including by “working closely with high school guidance counselors” that things are on the up and up. Their point is the vetting. The guy who wrote the article is the only one who can’t connect the logic dots - unless of course he just omitted the quotes from the Vandy people that said, “We didn’t get duped because our STANDARDS are higher” and instead included the ones that actually made sense but didn’t match the point of the article.

The article’s first line says “for student athletes”. They aren’t referring to the whole student population.

When Bryce Drew gets 3 recruits that are top 100 in the same class and they say they are above cheating is just a plain and simple lie! It will come out. The handlers and shoe guys are spilling the beans and singing. Don’t be suprised if they get caught too!

I couldn’t careless about Vandy and I never trust a Drew. I was just pointing out the somewhat inaccuracies of the original post.

Vandy lost me a few years back when Franklin was there and they tried to turn the other way on the rap cases. It took a long, long time before they did a few things right and I’m still not sure they did it all right.

Speaking of rape cases. Tennessee had a huge issue with football players a few years ago. The details were sickening. Football players dumped the young lady outside their dorm after the crime. Another player came along to her aide and made sure she got help and reported it to the police.

Butch Jones made sure the player that helped the young lady was ostracized by his teammates. Another player actually attacked him for “ratting” on the rapists. That player had to leave TN. It had the potential to be as big as the Baylor deal until the folks with cash payed off the ladies and who knows else. It was sick.

No respect for Jones. None…

Clay you can add a lot more programs to that list including Alabama in football!
Vandy just don’t land those 3 high profile players especially the way cash was flying around.

Very righteous. Glad the UA did not lose you in 1991 when 4 basketball players were accused of an athletic dorm rape where the president of the UA system himself concluded, “up and down the line” -including the chancellor, AD, and head coach- erred in not taking immediate action. And then this same president of the UA system reduced the suspensions from 1 year to 6 months, minimizing missed game-time. Let’s keep it real…