Vandy beats Auburn on layup with 0.8 left

The Anchor Boys are suddenly decent. And tied with Auburn in the SEC standings.

I haven’t felt this happy for Jerry Stackhouse since he dunked over two Dukies in Cameron. And as to that Pearl of a guy coaching on the other bench, so happy for him too, I’m not a fan, the best thing I can say about him is at least he’s not Cal.

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Anytime Pearl gets best there should be a parade.
Stack house is doing a good job but the Memorial Magic has helped the Dores this season. I will glad when they tear that rat hole down.


I watched the ending of that game yesterday. It was so fun.

The ONLY reason I wanted Auburn to win is that a Vandy loss would move us a notch higher in the standings.

Whatever benefits the Hogs. Otherwise, Pearl can suck an egg.


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