Vandy @Arkansas game 3

Let’s get a win.

We will use this one army

A win would be huge right here. Aggies will have to play next weekend on the road against a suddenly hot Ole Miss team. Might work in our favor.

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Bradfield is absolutely killing us

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Yes sir. He is just a distraction.

All we gotta do is take care of our own business!!
We do that and we’re ok.

Wonder if he will run… :rofl:

That kid is a wrecking ball.

Yep and a very good chance they’re about to score

Wiggins not fooling nobody

No he isn’t. HBP. Oh well.

OMG. Lord have mercy

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Have we thrown out a base stealer sine the first game at AU?

DP gets us out.

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We need doubleplay


We’re not gonna throw out this kid.

Cmon Wiggins!

Well opitz did last year trying to steal third

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Unfortunately we don’t have Opitz anymore.

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I think hitting that old boy in the foot pissed off Jackson because he rared back and just threw some BB’s from there on out all of them right on the black

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