Vanderbilt vs Arkansas SEC tourney

Go Hogs!!!

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Wick has to be on, will be the best offense he’s faced, leadoff hitter will be a huge key to the game, have to limit him to about 1 hit, game changer on the bases 42 steals.

Rocker Stats 88 in 50 hits 129K 27 BB . Have to be aggressive against him, have to layoff high FB, RH have to lay off the CB.Hope we can run into a few and leave the yard with them

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The game will begin 10 minutes early due to the quick game between Florida and Alabama.

Some lineup changes for Arkansas tonight:

• Cullen Smith at 1B

• Cayden Wallace at 3B

• Ethan Bates at RF

Wow! Has Wallace played 3rd at all this yr??

He played third twice this season, in midweek games against Memphis and UAPB. That’s his position moving forward, in my opinion.

Had a hunch we would see Bates in the lineup. Can’t discount the need of those LH hitters when replacing Slavens.

How do you feel about Bates in RF he looks kind of shaky in the outfield, and this is a huge outfield to cover. How is his arm?I thought Wallace might move to CF with his speed and great Arm

BAtes looked okay there :slight_smile:

I hope he does, big outfield to cover

Opitz ain’t playing. Straight hose job!

Opitz is playing

I am again reminded about why I hate watching Vandy ball. THE VANDY WHISTLER!! Its a shame too because Vandy is a good team to watch. But that whistle just presses on one of the few and last nerves I still have.


I meant playing around. Great throw!

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Yes cannon arm

Dang dropped fly ball. I’m having PTSD flashbacks.