Vanderbilt is really good

Arkansas’ struggles aside, let’s acknowledge how good Vanderbilt is. This is the best lineup I have seen this season and the pitching staff appears to be really deep. They are the best fielding team in the league. They seem to have it all.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Vandy winds up as the national champion.

We got swept at Moo U last year and we should have been the national champion. Bad weekends happen in this league. But you’re right, Vandy is solid.

On a side note, LSU’s Friday night starter left in the first inning last night with a groin injury (hate when that happens). Those usually don’t heal very quickly. We’ll see how that affects the Corndogs going forward.

I can see they are a good team! I’m not a Vandy fan and especially I’m not a fan of that darn blowhard from Tennessee that talks all game long during games about how great every team is we play. I don’t care about Vandy!
Poor base running hurt the hogs yesterday along with sorry discipline at the plate.
Casey Martin set the tone early in this game getting to a ball in the hole and he should have just held onto it. Instead he deposits it the stands. Then he runs into Franklin in LF on a ball that Franklin might have caught. It’s just one of those games you take your lumps and move on.
The pitching today has been good but don’t swing at junk over your head or a mile outside. Our offense stinks today.
Goodheart is the only bright spot.

I knew this was a possibility, never thought we would look so pathetic like we did today. vandy is better than us and every facet of the game that’s why they are a national seed. We will not be hosting a regional with the schedule we still have the way we’re hitting the ball and the rotation after Campbell is very iffy… just try to get better and we’ll see how it plays out

The rotation better change or we may not be a host at all! That start by Campbell was great! The performance by the offense was bad!
Yesterday Noland was shell shocked after the first batter gets a gift base on the missel into the stands. By the time Franklin’s dive came up short he was toast with no outs. Them add in the collision of Martin and Franklin down the line. That would rattle a lot of pitchers. Noland could get too 2 stikes counts but he couldn’t get anybody out. That’s been his problem at times.
We should have won Friday and we got pounded yesterday like a drum. Maybe today they can find a way to win. I hope so

Vandy is good, very good in all phases of the game. Game 1 we showed we can be just as good. What Vandy shows is more consistency at this point. Our best hitters from last year are still pressing and inconsistent at the plate, swinging at bad pitches, taking good pitches. Thank goodness some of the newbies are getting it done. But we still make some silly errors in the field. Of course we some of the young pitchers to grow up quickly also, have live arms just need the experience, settle down and throw strikes.
Look for us to play a much better game today similar to the last game of the Auburn series.