Vanderbilt basketball recruiting

Vanderbilt had never signed a McDonalds All-American in the history of the program until the current class. They then signed not just one but two McAAs. 6-2 PG Darius Garland and 6-8 PF Simisola Shittu. Plus they signed sharpshooting 6-6 4-star Aaron Nesmith.

How did Bryce Drew take Vandy recruiting to a level not seen before? Granted Darius Garland is a Nashville product, but Shittu is from Ontario and Nesmith from SC. Academics have attracted some nice players to Vandy, but never at this level. In the meanwhile Bryce’s brother Scott has triggered rumors about Baylor recruiting. I just wonder.

Incidentally, Garland who is a projected lottery pick and the top pick out of SEC got hurt in the fifth game and out for the season. Shittu and Nesmith played yesterday. This is a talented Vandy team and could be a tough out towards the end of the season. Vandy led Tennessee 76-70 with 1:22 left and they could be coming on right now. And we have a road trip coming up to Vandy.

Apparently, Peyton Willis left the program. What’s up with that?

Remember when MA was getting criticized for not recruiting Willis?

Willis left when it looked like Garland would get all his minutes. Then Garland got hurt.

Where did Willis end up? As far as the upward swing in the recruiting I guess Drew figures that Cal, Holland, Pearl and Wade can get by with cheating he can too!
That’s the only logical reason I can seem to come up with.


Richard Pitino coaches Minnesota. Thank you Swine.

Nashville Cats… they drink country water.

Hmm… I guess… If my name was Jimmy Dykes, I’d just say “he outworks everyone”, but
since its not, I’ll just have to ponder what it might be that makes him succe$$ful. No proof
of what might be going on, just $uspicion on my part. Perhaps its a family affair.

Seth G helps the $ crowd out too! They all out w$rk ecery$ne.


Garland really had an impact on Shittu signing. Drew did a great job on selling Garland, a local kid (as you said). Many times, big time players want to play with other big time players. Drew is a charismatic guy that recruits really aggressively.

Bryce Drew is a good coach…He is from a basketball family. It would not surprise me for Vanderbilt to be pretty salty again, like they were under Kevin Stallings.

They should have beaten Tennessee in Nashville recently…lost in overtime without Garland. If he can survive this year, they should be back in the middle of the pack with us next year.