Vance Jackson enters transfer portal

He’s looking for his fourth program, and third in as many years:

The guy can shoot. He has a beautiful shot.

As far as his dream (which I suspect is one day to be playing pro ball), I imagine there are plenty of pro teams around the world that can utilize a 6’9” shooter, without caring about defense.

I wonder if Muss even tried to convince him to stay? Probably not.

I think that Jackson could play in a finesse game. He does have a nice shot but he did not play tough last year. The shot and height are fine. Rebounding and defense were not SEC level. He looked like a great asset until the games began.

I hope that he can have a successful last year and play ball somewhere. Some times, things just don’t work out.

I wish him well. Didn’t seem to be a cancer in the lockerroom, but gosh, doesn’t he know how much the NBA values 3 and D guys his size? I know this is what Muss hoped to get out of him, but he never got the D. Does he think continually moving on is gonna mask this deficiency in his game?

If you are going to play for Muss, you better learn to play defense. It as simple as that.


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