Vance Jackson....6'9 forward who can hit the three

Where is this guy? First I don’t think he is 6’9 by any means. Can he shoot the three at a good percentage? Who knows because of now he can’t find his way off the bench.

When a player has been at 3 different schools in 5 years you have to think there is a reason. He looks the part but he just doesn’t show it in games. When Smith went down Vance should have been a decent replacement. Instead he stayed on the bench.

Lets go Vance! You have a real opportunity with Smith out to get some run and show everyone you can play.

He looks 6’9" to me.

He has a beautiful looking shot, and has some really impressive videos…… but he hasn’t knocked down many when given the opportunity this year.

From what I have seen so far, his deficiencies on the defensive end are keeping him on the bench as much or more than is poor shooting percentage.

I watched him the other day in limited minutes…different type of player than Smith. Jackson is perimeter player and doesn’t have the banger/bruiser mentality to be a force on the inside, even though his length is there. He’s either going to hit outside, or ride the pine. Muss has basically pointed to this in past quotes. I hate it bc we desperately need another grown man down low.

Also agree his defense is hurting his minutes.

Looks like we may have recruited the wrong guy then. We needed a legit 4 with a banger mentality rather than a 6’9 streaky shooter…imo

Is the kid from UALR that guy? If so will the NCAA clear him this year…I have my doubts

Jackson Scouting report in another thread
Doesn’t like contact
Doesn’t like playing inside

If that is accurate, don’t see someone that size getting to many minutes. Unless he is a deadly 3pt shooter and has the handles and quickness to play the guard spot. Which I haven’t seen so far.

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I have never been an NBA guy but drop an NBA team into my media market (The OKC Thunder) and I become a fan of the local team. My son and I loved watching Stephen Adams pound the paint for the Thunder. “Aquaman” is huge and a gifted athlete. But, that is not the direction of the game. The new direction of the game is “point forwards” or “position-less offense.”

Muss builds his team the same way. The traditional PF/C who always plays with their back to the basket and bruises everyone in the paint is not a part of his philosophy. It allows him to attract recruits who want to play in a system that preps them for the NBA.

I’ve posted this recently, somewhere, so forgive the redundancy: rather than expecting UA to always respond to the size or quickness or skills of the opponent, maybe we should be executing OUR game so well it causes other teams to respond to us. Last year when we’d play 5 guys no taller than 6-5 or 6-6 other teams couldn’t keep up with us, and they’d bench a big guy in response.

There is a lot of teeth gnashing after the Mizzou game where fans think the problem is that we don’t have players like Tillmon. Of course we don’t! He wouldn’t fit our system!! When Nolan was confronted with UNLV he was seeing an opponent that did not have to alter its rotation to play with us…and were bigger, stronger and more physical. The response was not “change the system” or “recruit different types of players.” It was, “find players who can play like we play, but are also bigger and stronger and more physical.”

Nolan brought in Darnell Robinson (kind of a poor man’s Zion Williamson if you ask me) and Lee Wilson was a fine pickup as well. One of the keys to the 94NC team was Dwight Stewart was big enough to bang in the paint but capable of shooting outside.

There is also hand wringing about replacing Smith. With a 13-man roster you do not get back-up plans for very many spots. You have your starting five, a couple of pieces you rotate into the starting lineup as substitutions, and then “others.” If anything, Vance and Vanover are the “same” player - tall, outside players vs. paint bruisers. We have one of those, Smith. Maybe the new transfer fills that role. Maybe the JUCO transfer for next year fills that role, but I would ask a rhetorical question (for consideration, not for answering, as I don’t think there is a good answer), “who do you purge from the roster to get a back-up for Smith?” And, “how happy is that back-up going to be when Smith is healthy and playing 30 minutes a night?”

Injuries suck, and you have to deal with it. I prefer the interchangable pieces at the 1-4 vs backup plans at the 5. That is me, and I am a product of Nolan’s style of ball. (I skipped out on a couple of big UA games late in Sutton’s career to go watch Billy Tubbs’ teams at OU; played defense AND they played offense…Nolan was a gift from the basketball gods for this student-fan).

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I don’t think we need a true 5. I think what we really need is for Jackson to show up. He’s a grad transfer that is not getting to play. Many of the things he’s not doing were also pointed out by numerous people when we signed him. I remember a reporter from New Mexico saying when he’s focused he’s very good but the problem is he’s rarely focused.

13 scholarships leaves 8 players on the bench after the starting five take the court. Out of those 8 players you should be able to find a tough kid in the 6’8 range that can play defense and rebound. If he can score then that is a bonus.

You could tell during the press conference that Muss is somewhat terrified of not having Smith out there. He knows our weakness’s better than anyone and when he said he was “overly concerned” I could tell that he was being honest.

Eric Musselman talked a little bit about Vance today. Here is what he said:

"It’s definitely not buy in. I came into the office yesterday and he was in here shooting. He’s the first one in here this morning shooting. He’s working. His shot hasn’t been falling and a lot of that can not be getting enough reps, meaning in game. If a guys gets in and he goes 0 for 1, that’s not a fair way to assess either. We do need Vance to rebound the ball and defend for us. Get loose balls. Get rebounds. Certainly that’s an area. Certainly from a three-point shooting (perspective), if he misses one or if he misses eight, I still feel like he’s a great, great shooter.

“Again, if you just take this phone call and add up how many guys I’ve been asked about minutes, there’s only so many to go around. That’s just how it is. When you’ve got 9 or 12 or 11 eligible players to play, it’s always going to be about who can get more minutes. That’s just part of the discussion that’s going to happen.”

Vance drifts on his jump shot. Either forward or to the side with momentum. Needs to remain vertical on his shot. That’s why so many are rimming out on him. The coaching staff needs to recognize that and adjust his shot mechanics accordingly.

A lot of people complaining about Coach Muss’ presser were probably some saying Coach Anderson wasn’t passionate enough. I watched his presser and had no problem with it. He called a spade a spade.

But we’re talking about Vance…lol

His shot may come back. But he is not going to bang inside. His previous coach specifically said that Vance does not like physical contact.

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