Van Horn: Regional Play Through the Years

Before we move on to the super regional, I thought I’d show how the Diamond Hogs have done over the years in regionals since Van Horn took over in 2003. I was curious about this the other day in killing time while waiting for the regional final and decided to look it up. This list shows the year, record in that year’s regional, and the location.

2003 1-2 Austin, Texas

2004 4-1 Fayetteville *

2005 2-2 Austin, Texas

2006 1-2 Fayetteville

2007 2-2 Fayetteville

2008 0-2 Palo Alto, California

2009 3-0 Norman, Oklahoma *

2010 3-1 Fayetteville

2011 2-2 Tempe, Arizona

2012 3-0 Houston, Texas (Rice) *

2013 2-2 Manhattan, Kansas

2014 2-2 Charlottesville, Virginia

2015 3-0 Stillwater, Oklahoma *

2017 3-2 Fayetteville

2018 3-0 Fayetteville *

2019 3-0 Fayetteville *

2021 3-1 Fayetteville

  • Years Arkansas advanced to the College World Series

Van Horn has a record of 40-21 in regional play at Arkansas, which is a winning percentage of .656. That’s a slightly better winning percentage than his overall record at Arkansas of 749-400 (.652). Arkansas has won eight regionals during his time here. (Years that we won a regional are now in bold.)

One thing that stands out is that from 2008-2015, Arkansas hosted only one regional in Fayetteville. I remember how frustrating those years were, being good but not quite good enough to host in post-season. Ironically, we still made it to Omaha three of those years. (In 2015, we played on the road in regional play at Stillwater, but we hosted the super regional in Fayetteville when Missouri State was unable to host.)

One of the years we hosted a regional, I’m guessing it was 2010, we hosted a regional as a #2 seed.

With the Hogs being more successful in recent years, we’ve hosted more often. Our winning percentage in regional play has also increased in recent years. From 2003 to 2011, the record was 18-14. From 2012 until now, the record is 22-7.

The numbers just interest me, and I thought I’d share.


We were the 1 seed in 2010, with Washington State as the 2, K-STate as the 3 and Grambling as the 4.

It was 2006 we hosted as a 2 seed. Okie Lite was the 1 seed. I don’t remember why they couldn’t host. We lost to ORU in the 2-3 game and lost the elimination game to Okie Lite. ORU won the regional.

For future reference the Wikipedia page for each year’s CWS has all the regionals and seedings in the bracket. Looked up every year we hosted until I found 2006.

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Looking at that tells me the Hogs are 6-1 in Super Regionals since Van Horn took over. We’ve won 7 Regionals prior to this year, and we’ve gone on to the CWS in 6 of those years.

Pretty impressive.

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Ah yes, that was the year of oSu’s flat bat.

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