Van Horn on Pallette, pitching for '22

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I’ve always liked Zack Morris big LH has 93-94 with as nasty a CB as anybody we have probabaly,hope he has a breakout yr. He could be a starter IMO just didn’t get many innings bc Kopps was so dominant

DVH didn’t mention Wiggins. But man we do have so many good arms, some unproven of course.
Getting excited about season now.

He mentioned Wiggins. I didn’t write about Wiggins.

He made comments on just about every pitcher on the roster.

Ok thanks Matt.

I’ve always liked him too, but I think the main reason he didn’t have many innings was because he couldn’t throw strikes consistently. If he can stay in the strike zone consistently, then he will be a very good pitcher for us.

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Yes one of those things where if you don’t get enough work it’s hard to throw strikes and you do get your chance you better or are you back on the bench again one of those dang if you do dang if you don’t type dealsLOL I’ve seen him be very dominant hopefully he can do that for us again. We need left-handed dominance to be effective against the great hitting teams

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Last year was the first time Vermillion has struggled with command. I wonder if it might have been due to the injuries that kept him in and out of the lineup. He had a very low walk total in his earlier seasons.

If the season started today, I think the three pitchers in the rotation might be Connor Noland, Hagen Smith and Jaxon Wiggins. There is a lot of time between now and the opening weekend.


Makes sense,who do you think gets 1st look at Closer??

This is based on fall, but I think Trest, Moten and Starks are the most likely candidates.

Starks is a guy that has a chance to be really good with that Velo and CB and I heard Moten can bring the heat too.I forgot all about Trest! seems like I thought he left for some reason.

Trest was drafted last year and decided to come back.

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Who else might be competing for a weekend starter spot?

Okay thanks that’s good to hear he has a lot of potential hopefully he’s got a few more pitches to add to his arsenal this year

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