Van Horn on hateful emails after MSU series

I hate the idea that fans do this, but it’s really puzzling why they’d do it to a coach who is as successful–constantly–as DVH. On the other hand, there aren’t many schools who have fans that care enough to send hateful emails to the baseball coach. It’s a tribute to him that our fans are that passionate. As successful as Norm was, the fan base was never as energized then as it is now. So kudos to Dave for making people be hateful.

As to the lady who isn’t coming back to a game, well, I bet she does & does soon.

That’s just stupid by fans to send those emails. No excuse for it!

Doesn’t surprise me at all. Look at what has been on this board for the last few days. Ripping the players, ripping DVH. It’s just as easy to push the send button on an email to DVH as it is to put a post on this board. Same amount of thought going into both, too.

Exactly why I stayed away from the board until today… Like everyone else, I was frustrated and not very happy about things after that series. However, I didn’t “blame“ the team, or the coach… It’s just baseball… And I knew, as Coach noted in his comments, that he and the team were feeling a lot more frustrated/upset than I was.

Besides, it’s not my style to criticize individual players or coaches… That is, unless they do something stupid off the field like accept money or something of that nature. When we have bad stretches like this, I’ve learned that it’s just better for me just to cool off for a few days, stay off the boards, and wait for another game.

It’s ridiculous. I don’t care how much you pay for a ticket or season tickets, it’s wrong for fans to be so involved that they would send bad e-mails to a coach. Any coach, any time with exceptions concerning a dubious action that is not connected to wins/losses. There’s not a coach around–and especially DVH–that likes to lose. They know what went wrong and they’ll fix it if they can. Fan input is not necessary. I love passionate fans and we have some, but passionate fans still have to separate themselves from the game. After all, it is just a game.

That’s right, it’s just a game. Played by kids for our enjoyment. I don’t get too high or low when they win or lose. Some will move to the pros, some will get an everyday job. I don’t bash players or coaches of any sport. I never have quite understood the mean spirited people that do that stupid stuff. It’s just a game. Not the end of the world. DVH is a class act like his players, no need in getting on a ledge after losing. JMO

No life. Their happiness in life is based off of wins and losses.

It’s the culture in which we live. If things don’t go your way, blame, gripe, rant and rave.

It’s not just here. If Bama loses a football game or doesn’t win big enough, it happens there.

If Duke loses a basketball game it doesn’t win by enough, it happens there.

The internet has given voice to a bunch of people who would gripe if you gave them a million $1 bills.

And, the excuse is always that they were frustrated in the moment. If they’re proven wrong, they come back and look to explain/wipe away a torrent of incessant gripes by just saying that they are here to eat crow.

Nevermind that many times they’ve already repeatedly questioned coaches’ and players’ competence or (worded) their work ethic.

Is this the first bad email Van Horn has received? Just wondering why he chose to make this public. I am sure Mike Anderson is receiving those on a weekly basis and Bret Bielema probably did too in the last three years of his tenure.

I sorta had the same thought but when I listened to the clip he seemed to be taking it in stride and joking about it.

Wouldn’t surprise me if some of those emails came from posters here. Lots of exclamation points and the word “pathetic”.

It was one of apparent many he got after this weekend. I think the fact that she said she was done and was never going to another game was the main point. I’m sure he’s had many others over the years, but he was asked specifically about being “under a microscope” by Hog fans, and he was talking about fan expectations. He was just answering the question and talked about e-mails in 2009 and other seasons that showed him just how passionate the fanbase is.

Highly, highly doubt it was the first one.

I only heard the clip, not the whole exchange (unless that was the whole exchange), but I didn’t get the impression it’s the first time he’s gotten such emails. Just that for whatever reason he brought it up. I don’t know if Bo asked him a question that might have prompted it. Either way, I didn’t think he was trying a “poor me” schtick. He just said it happened. I’m glad he did. Pisses me off that fans do that. I hope some of them are a bit embarrassed by DVH revealing this—even if he gave them the courtesy of giving no names.

Hard to fathom. We have one of the top coaches in all
of college baseball. He is probably highly revered by an overwhelming majority of Razorback fans.
We are playing in the upper echelon of the college
baseball world. We are PLAYERS in this rarified air.

I believe we have a future Hall of Fame coach who
happens to be a bone-deep RAZORBACK. I am
thankful we have him.

Its too bad critics don’t understand that if players were as good as they think they should be they wouldn’t be here in the first place.

They would be playing at the next levels.

The word it happened was out there and Bo asked about it.

It’s been a constant for coaches of every major sport here - and at other places.

As well as on social media of the players in those sports- which to me is far more appalling.

I’m not sure why the emails would be a surprise as those same feelings are expressed on message boards - including this one - and talk radio shows.

It’s my understanding that every coach in every college gets emails these days when there are losing streaks. Sometimes after just one loss. It’s too easy to send them.

But, I’ll also say that letters were written to players and coaches about losses since the beginning of time. Why should it be any different now? I know Frank Broyles got lots of letters even after winning a national championship. He told me he got a bunch after the botched pooch punt and there were some who said they were done (but eventually apologized and continued to buy tickets).

I think written letters are stronger than emails. But I think they get read either way.

Dave said he read them, but didn’t respond.

I’ve heard former UA Chancellor David Gearhart talk about the messages he got after Bobby Petrino was fired and John L. Smith’s team performed so poorly

The most memorable to me was the person who called Gearhart an “egghead” who needed to be reminded that his most important job as UA Chancellor was making sure the football team wins.