Van Horn on Childress

Dave Van Horn was asked today about Rob Childress being fired at Texas A&M. This was his response:

"I talk to him every day. The first year he was there he didn’t go to a regional, but they weren’t his players, but then he went 13 years in a row. Last year with covid he lost a first rounder — second, third or fourth pick, the Royals got him — and he lost another pitcher who went high in the draft that would have been great last year for their team, and they wouldn’t renew his contract. He went and asked them to renew his contract and give him another year to help in recruiting and they wouldn’t do it. That’s pretty much telling you what happened there.

"It’s a sad deal because he’s a winner. He’s been to six super regionals and to the College World Series twice, and players love him. So what’s that tell you what we deal with sometimes? I don’t feel like we deal with it all the time, not at every university, but at that particular one, and you know which one I’m talking about — I don’t really want to mention their name. Really disappointing.

“Rob is probably one of the best human beings walking the earth. He’s probably one of my best friends. I hate it for him and his family. I don’t like for people to be treated like that. He’ll land on his feet. He’s strong and you know he’s going to be fine. But it’s very disappointing for me being in this business and seeing that happen to such a good coach and such a good person. I get it when things aren’t going right and you have a few bad years in a row, but that’s not the case there.”


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