Van Horn on Bonfield

I thought it was interesting that DVH said that last years performance by Bonfield was not as good as the year before, and that he wanted him to be more aggressive this year. He said Luke took a lot of pitches last year, and he will be better this year.

I am so glad to hear it. I have always pulled for Luke and wanted him to do well. I wasn’t surprised when he didn’t get drafted highly. But, man he took a lot of pitches right down the gut. His scouting report probably said to throw a nice slow strike right over the plate for the first pitch because it’s about 98% he won’t swing. Can’t wait to see him hitting with a different attitude.

I’m already excited for the season to start. Hope the injured pitchers all come back. McKinney is sure due a good season.

It’s pitches with movement that get the best of hitters. Yes, the pitch might cut the heart of the plate, but it started well off the plate and the hitter gave up on it. So what you do if you are a hitter, is that you commit to a pitch sooner and then you might have some swings and misses early in the count. You get a fast ball with a little movement on it, you might still put it in play hard some where. It’s the fine part of hitting that maybe is tough to get. You hear the word picky. It can also be stubborn.

I think it’s OK to take a pitch now and then. But if you take too many, you get to be an open book and then you don’t see anything but a 1-2 slider (that you can’t hit).

I sort of like an area code hitter. If you can put the bat on it and it waist level or down be aggressive. I never like to see taking a strike by a power guy. It helps the pitcher too much. That 1-2 slider is tough. The straight change can be too. Bonfield has all the tools he just needs to open his tool box !
Will the baseball team practice on Saturday’s?

totallly agree on him taking way too many hittable pitches.hope that changes,