Van Horn in the Hall of Fame

Here is a recap from Dave Van Horn’s induction banquet for the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame: … hievement/

The ceremony took nearly four hours from the meet and greet. I’ll try to add some more details on here tomorrow. It was a great event.

Good stuff Matt.
Congrats & well deserved Coach Van Horn.

Coach Van Horn is as humble as they come. He’s a great coach and knows baseball. I hope the hogs are able to capture a title in Omaha for him and our state.

Very deserving W P S

What’s cool is that it did last four hours and it was about one man. Most of these are four hours and they are about 10 or 12 men. And, so it turns out to be about five minutes for each one, plus their introduction. It doesn’t seem hardly enough. Thanks, Matt. Good work by you. Can’t wait to read more.