Van Horn contract

Hunter Yurachek told me today that he plans to visit with Dave Van Horn about another contract extension this summer. Also, he and Courtney Deifel are in discussions to extend her contract. Details: … s-planned/

D1 Baseball says Sully is making over a million at Florida

Win a Natty and DVH should get the same

Definitely. And maybe if the team just makes the championship series. He’s definitely one of the best in the game (maybe the best). Also, glad to see the softball coach is going to get a bump in pay.

O’Sullivan and Schlossnagle are the only $1 million per year coaches in college baseball, as far as I know, and they got to that figure when Texas showed interest after Augie retired.

I hope Coach DVH remains the hogs coach until he is ready for retirement.

Isn’t’ the Louisville coach in the million dollar club?

Dave is close to the $1 million range when you add in bat money and camps. I would guess he will get a new deal that makes him one of the top baseball coaches in school pay. He has a very nice home in neighborhood of other UA coaches (Anderson and Morris). One thing to note, he can often be seen in his yard. He is the mowing guy.