Van Horn certain star trio will turn pro (story)

Losing those three players early will still be brought up on the Hog boards 20 years from now… really sad not to see what this team would have done in the post season.


DD I recognize that all three are probably gone, but if MLB caps signing bonuses at $100,000 this year do you think any of them might come back because they could get a lot more next year?

MLB would cap what they earn at $100,000 this year, but they are guaranteed their full bonus. So if Kjerstad agrees to $2.1 million, he would receive $100,000 this year, then $1 million each of the next two years. I don’t think that will any impact on the decision of a first rounder.

OK I wasn’t sure if MLB would get cheap and limit total bonuses this year, like slot value for a first rounder of $500K or less.

I think the point of potentially limiting the draft to five rounds is to save money from the total signing bonus pool, but I haven’t heard anything about paying under market value for the players who are drafted.

The ones who will be hurt this year are the ones who aren’t drafted and want to sign as a free agent. Their bonus will be capped at $20,000.

I can’t blame any of the three for turning pro. Too much money. I expect HK especially to make a bundle over his career. I wish all of them the best.

Having said that, I’m sick we didn’t get to enjoy one more year of them at Baum-Walker. I find myself feeling somewhat like a parent whose kid is leaving home when these Razorback baseball players leave the program.

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