Van Horn and Georgia

With Dave Van Horn taking his team to Georgia this weekend, it made me think of when Georgia had interest in hiring him in 2001:

A year before he was hired at Arkansas, a member of Georgia’s search committee spoke to Van Horn about its coaching vacancy. The interest felt serious until the committee member asked the question: If you came here and Norm DeBriyn retired in a year or two, what would keep you from going there?

“I said, ‘Well, maybe nothing,'" Van Horn recalled. “That was that.”

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Thats funny… But you got to admire Dave for being honest…

DVH has a vision and he has made all but one of those things come true! Winning it all!

That’s why we have never had to worry about DVH looking elsewhere

There was talk about Texas coming after him after Augie retired. Dave may have used that to get a raise (which he deserved anyway), but don’t think he was ever really interested

He has always said he wasn’t interested in any other job. He’s been offered more money to leave! DVH is at home.

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