Is there any information on the quality of the team the Hogs just played? How do they compare with say UCA. It was good for the guys to get to play someone and to win big, but what does it mean? Sounds like they had no chance against this level of athletic talent, but is that true. Just trying to get a feel for what this means, if anything.

I read that Elon beat this same team 100-55 the other day, so perhaps that helps.

I guess that says it all. Not to put down Elon, but that is not KY.

Muss was substituting liberally. It could have been much worse,

This was a stepped up practice

We won’t see this many players get this type minutes when it’s for real

Like docestes2 said, this was a fast-paced, scripted practice. From what I saw, I think UCA could take them. They just weren’t very tall or very athletic. To their credit, though, they played hard, hustled, and never gave up. They made us work for what we got, but Valencia was W-A-Y out-manned.

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Yes. If Muss would have given his top 7 or 8 players 20 to 30 minutes and only sparingly played the others, we’d have easily scored 135+.

I’m really glad he did lots of substituting. It let us see every player, and with extended minutes for all.

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They were awful. Nothing to compare to, just really bad. We did what we should have against the level of competition. Probably should have been worse.

I don’t know but they were awful,had no chance whatsoever to compete with us.i’m sure we will see much tougher competition before we leave

100% Vallencia. We were juiced and beat the pulp out of them.


I’m sure the guys were just happy to play another team, no matter how lopsided it was talent-wise.

That’s the team we play Wednesday, not today.

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I think Thursday

I watched much of the Auburn loss to the Israel National team. The Israelis were a great passing team, with great spacing, and matched Auburn physically. Obviously, the National team was much better than the other two opponents Auburn blew out on their foreign tour.

I know nothing of our next 3 opponents, but I expect we will be far superior to all 3. Kinda wish we could play one of the National teams before coming home. Might be more helpful long term than glorified scrimmages.

But, I am also aware that a huge purpose of this trip is team building. That can, and will be done regardless of the opponent.

A Hog beat writer on another site said the team that Elon beat is actually the one we will play on Saturday. He said they play Vanderbilt tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right. Third opponent. I had my days mixed up.

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