Petra and I are getting in a week of vacation during the open date.

Perfectly timed for me to rest and finish the year strong.

Thanks to the boss and my colleagues for letting me get this in.


Enjoy. Hope for a safe and rejuvenating break.

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Guess what? Commits galore while you are gone! Always happens.

Have fun in the sun.

thank you so much. of course you’ve earned it and all that, but most importantly, we all know that a few 5 stars will be committing this week!


Have a great vacation. Me and the wife are headed to the Outer Banks ourselves in the morning.

Enjoy Dudley, well earned.
As others have said here, with you taking vacation and added success on the field, look for some surprising commits.


Great idea for both of y’all!


Please step away from the phone for extended periods during your vacation!

Well deserved my friend. Have a great time!

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