Vacation time

Vacation time has been forced upon me. There is no other spot for me to take my off time than right now. I’ll be off most of the next three weeks.

In the past I’ve taken a week in May or one in early June, or maybe take one during the open date. Not this year because of the way the magazine print dates fell because we delayed everything with the arrival of Covid-19 in March/April/May. There was nothing to cover, but lots to write. I did a lot of memory lane columns to fill our empty spaces on the website, newspaper and did preparation for the summer football magazine. That was mailed this week. This is much later than we’ve ever done this issue. It’s just the way it had to be with no players on campus until the second week of June.

I will work some the next three weeks, on a special project on Branson fishing for our company, if I feel it is safe to travel there. I think those stories will appear on a website, although not here initially. I’ve been there in the last two weeks and I’ve written two in a series of four.

So this will be the first time in the history of our websites that both Dudley and I are out at the same time. We’ve never taken time off together. Of course, Dudley has been off for several weeks after a stroke.

There is good news in that respect. Dudley is improving and is encouraged about the possibility of returning to work, perhaps late in July. I talked to him yesterday. He’s lost a lot of weight and doesn’t plan to stop that process anytime soon. He’s got more doctors to see before he’ll know for sure an exact time for his return. Perhaps he’ll speak on that next week.

Thanks for the great update on Dudley.
Stay well and be thankful for each day.

Thank you for this board.

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The BEST news I have enjoyed since C19 struck! Clay going on a much needed three-week vacation and our man DD on the rebound!


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Great news on Dudley! Thank you Clay and I hope you have some great down-time. Also, belated happy birthday!

Enjoy your time off. Wonderful news about Dudley.

Enjoy your well earned vacation Clay. Hopefully some pics are in store for us later.
Great news on Dudley, looking forward to his 1st article upon his return - at his own pace of course.
Cheers to both of you.

Will send pics. Hopefully I’m holding a trout.

I’m putting my money you holding that trout.

Do you eat it or put it back?

WIll do some of both if we camp in high country. But most bets should be on me releasing it.

Great option.

Nothing like good old vacation time, enjoy your time off,get re-energized hopefully for a full fall of football… Dudley said he’s Lost 25 lb that’s awesome! I know he feels better just because of that, will continue praying for a full recovery

I saw Dudley’s tweet about him and Petra at the driving range. He looked good hitting that golf ball.


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