Vacation 5

I am off and running on Vacation 5 of retirement show. I made it to Goodland, Kan., about 3 hours from Jim’s house in Kenesburg, Colo. I will get there tomorrow morning and we will get organized for travels into mountains for an elk hunt. I am trying to contain my excitement. But the drive from Norfork helped burn off some nervous energy.

Stopped in Fayetteville to pick up some steaks at Richards. And get an oil change. And listen to Mike Neighbors at Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club luncheon.

It’s been a good day. Listened to George Strait across Oklahoma and Kansas. Will do a little radio tomorrow. That will be the last “work” until about Sept 20 although I might watch the Arkansas game against Missouri State at the Gage pad.

One interesting note, had a good visit with Fuzzy Harmon today. He said tell everyone he’s alive and well. Yesterday was his 65th birthday. He’s excited about the Hogs.

I will post pics from the mountains. I have been loaned great Sitka gear for the week. I will look the part and be warm. I’m sure I will need lots of warm clothes early but will be storing gear in the cool Sitka backpack as day goes along.


Good news shared. Be well and enjoy your time with comrades.

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You’ll be missed around here for sure but I’m excited to see your retirement plans come to fruition. Safe travels and the best of luck with those Elk.

Good luck on the Elk hunt, Clay. Look forward to pics

Tried on the Sitka gear. It all fit. I thought it was right size but needed to make sure cause it’s all I’m gonna wear for a week.

I’ve been a little snug in my 38 jeans the last two years. The Sitka pants are 38. I have been doing a lot of walking over the last four weeks and now my 38s all fit perfect.

Sitka makes great stuff. There are two pair of pants. Two tops. Bib overalls. A light jacket with a hood. And a heavy fluff jacket that is also waterproof. I’m ready.

Only problem, it had all been stored in cedar chest. Has that smell. I’ve got spray to unscent it.

I don’t expect to do a lot of walking in the mountains unless it’s an emergency (if the horse runs off or the Polaris won’t run). I actually joined a gym and went a few times. But I’ve got great places to walk around my house. We live on a shaded road along the Norfork.

Someone texted me after my radio spot this morning to say my life “definitely does not suck.”

I have great friends and I am lucky.


Hope you have a great trip, sounds like your well prepared for the elements. By the way I recently took of fly fishing and caught my first McCloud rainbow at Crane Creek in Missouri. I decided to start fly fishing after reading about how much you enjoyed doing, I’m hooked to say the least. Stay safe, good luck,WPS

I went from 38 pants to 36 about a year after I retired. I’m sure it’s because my unlimited supply of Little Debbies went away. We’ll miss your game reports but the team at HI you developed has stepped up just as they were taught. Have fun my friend.

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I don’t think Clay is going to need all that Sitka. It should be around 32 most mornings and warm up to mid 70s in day. Been way to warm these past few days. Hope I can get one to “talk” to Clay. If I can, that will make the trip a success.


I’ve noticed my clothes shrink while on vacation, but I haven’t taken a vacation where I’ve traipsed around the mountains looking for critters either. Have fun, relax and recharge.

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I brought two boxes of Little Debbies. Ha


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