Getting blown out by a 16. Hilarious

I don’t even know who UMBC is…is this the first time a 16 has defeated a 1 seed?

ESPN has a bracket that only has one miss. The miss isn’t UMBC, he picked it. His only mistake was us losing.

It had to happen sometime but absolutely amazing that someone called it. Few years ago, I was on target in my bracket all the way to the elite eight. Arkansas obviously was not in it that year, because I never pick against them.

Virginia has been strong defensively in regular season for several years but poor on the offensive end…get bounced early in ncaa every year

UMBC shot 67% against UVA and made 12 treys on 24 attempts. We looked stingy by comparison. UMBC was #183 in offensive efficiency this season. They scored over 1.2 points per possession against UVA. I guess playing “fundamental” defense doesn’t guarantee that guys won’t get open and make shots. Either that or that game was actually staged on a movie set for CBS ratings.

I guess they better run out & fire their coach since they got “embarrassed” right guys?!

It is an embarrassing loss, but it is another example of how random the NCAA tournament can be. If I am not mistaken didn’t Virginia win the ACC regular season championship and ACC tournament Championship? I would take that over our season any day of the week.

Great point!