VA Tech vs Kentucky

Well the refs have showed up again.
Kentucky can be on the back of the defense to rebound for a put back and the foul called on the defense. Knox took more than 3 steps and nothing called but a foul on the defense. On the other end a walk was called after the cats pulled a DB move. Pretty sorry !

You’re so right! Dykes on esp n was bragging as usual about how good a coach Cal is.

Guess I’m used to it. BTW Monk is stinking it up in Charlotte, breaks my heart. Think about having him with our group this year.

I’m proud Monk went to play for Greaseball Cal. They deserve each other. He failed to win a state title in high school and he failed to win the NCAA title in college. He’s just another one and some that’s self absorbed in himself. Malik and Marcus Monk may have a few friends that they haven’t used up yet!
I hated to hear they were going to be involved in AAU basketball in Arkansas.
The Monks need to keep their show in Kentucky. I have no use for them.

Comments: oh yeah I believe Cal is his mentor, don’t be surprised to see him sitting on Kentucky bench as an assistant…

Comments: as much as I hate to say it makes sense from a business perspective. Marcus now a sports agent why not get in at the grass root level by starting an AAU ball club catch them young, I don’t like it neither especially if they planned to funnel the talent to Kentucky’s Cal

There’s a conflict of interest involved as well as there may be a lot of parents that feel the same way about the Monk brothers as I do and won’t allow there kids to be involved or associated with them in any way! Malik’s money may run out if he doesn’t perform! Sure would be a shame!