Va Tech - I like the brand

My gut reaction is Arkansas is the underdog in this game

Anyone know the early Vegas odds?

Anyone got some new observations of VA Tech after coach Beamer - like - are they still a run first primary ground game team or do they try and throw it around with balance now?

In the ACC I know the coastal division is considered the weakling division but this time you’re at Clemson a real fight in their championship anyone got some more observations and thoughts?

Virginia Tech’s achilles heel is they put the ball on the ground at a high rate.

Have many friends up that way.

This is a hungry program that wants to build and recruit to the top and get back.

They want this and will bring fans.

I dont like this in a must win for us in essentially an away game we need.

Wish I felt otherwise and hav never wanted to be so wrong.

Their new coach is creating a monster and is sitting on top of talent.

This would be a nice win for us.

Can we be focused and physical?

After watching Missouri game I unfortubately have some questions of program and not as much confidence but would love to see us win a nice game and beat a nice quality opponent to end season.

Thanks Bush

I have to admit I’m concerned

Arkansas needs this win badly for the best of the program

A Bowl win will call the disgruntled types off some

You look at next years 10 game straight games bodes badly for Arkansas

I suspect there will be a record set in offensive production by Va Tech. They have an offense, and we totally have no defense. We made every offense we played except FL look like world beaters. Expect no difference here. Hope they wear their pink jerseys. That is the only thing they have earned.

I saw Va Tech -4.5 earlier this morning. That feels about right to me…

I’m not quite as concerned about the 10 straight games as I was at first. One thing that helps is that pretty late in the season is a game that should be an easy victory. Coastal Carolina isn’t scheduled until November, which can be treated like a get well game, like UAB 2 years ago. The season is sort of in sections, 2 games, open date, A&M, get well game vs New Mexico St, then 4 weeks of SEC games, get well game vs Coastal, then final 3 games.

I respect your insight on the schedule

I just know 10 games straight is a huge hurdle

Auburn has 9 straight along with another West exam

Odd how that worked out this year

Two west teams with 9 straight and Arkansas with 10 Wow! Tough

We got to play it but it isn’t going to be easy

I’d like to win the bowl, but I am not going to call it a must win. Bowl games are weird things. So many crazy things happen. It often comes down to who wants to be there and who doesn’t (example: 2008 Cotton. Misery wanted to be there. We wanted to be out partying in Deep Ellum or some other DFW party zone).

Another example: The day we beat Texas in Houston two years ago, OU also had a bowl game, against Clemson. And Clemson beat them like a rented mule. Big negative vibes for the Paperclip offseason, right? Well, both teams made the CFP in 2015. Played each other. And Clemson again beat them like a rented mule.

Win or lose, we have a defense and offensive line to fix in March and April. Win by 30, lose by 30 or win by 1, doesn’t matter. And we still have holes to close in recruiting, and not many available spots (thus the bowl result is not likely to make any difference one way or the other). What happens with those things is much more important than what happens in Charlotte on the 29th.

not a good draw.

Terrible draw. We un-earned a better draw in Columbia,MO.
Some teams earn a good bowl draw and some teams are deemed

Let’s hope we can upset the Hokie Cart.