VA got all the calls.....

Tough to overcome…Hunter played great and Tech gave up to many wide open 3’s…terrible shot selection by Tech to end regulation and in OT…good game

I wouldn’t say UVA got all the calls. They didn’t get the timeout granted, which gave Tech the shot to win at the end of regulation. There was also the ball that appeared to go off a Tech player in the final couple of minutes of regulation.

It was an entertaining game - much better than I expected.

Both of these teams foul an awful lot without getting called. Better team won. Tech gave all they had. Beard may never get back to the Ship again. Great coach but it’s tough to do and will be really tough if he stays at Tech.

Not because of this game but I think Musselman is going to be a better Coach, we got the right Man.

If a ref is going to blow the whistle and call fouls on one end that darn whistle needs to work on both ends. Another point there was similar contact on the Texas Tech final
Shot in regulation just like the end of the Auburn vs VA game! The last review was nonsense Guy fouled from behind with one arm on the guards back and the other hand around and hit his arm before the ball was knocked loose in a 2 point game!

I did not think that was a foul at the end of regulation last night. It was a different play than the Auburn-Virginia ending.

In the Final Four, the Virginia shooter was bumped by the Auburn defender prior to releasing the shot. It looked like a clean block at the end of regulation last night.

When Tech lost their center fouling out, it was going to be uphill. He was their defensive glue and it opened up when he went to the bench… great game to watch with the defense played.

I didn’t think the refs favored one team or the other.