UVa goes down

Not a huge surprise; Furman was a popular pick as a bracket buster in a 4-13 matchup. Virginia’s slow tempo lets teams stay around and sometimes they win at the end; seems to be what happened here. Furman made a trey with 3 seconds left to win it.

Didn’t hurt my bracket much. I had VA to win, but had them losing in the next round.

And in other tournament news, Misery is in a close game with Utah State, mid-second half.

And Bama is about to play in Birmingham and the place is about half full. I know that six other teams have ticket allotments and aren’t playing now, but man…

Misery up 6 with 5:00 left, even though they bricked two FTs after a technical on the USU coach. We’ll see if they can hang on.

Did you see the end of the game? Virginia gave that game away. It was a brain fart on the part of usually solid PG Clarke.

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Yep. Tried to throw it out of a trap, Furman stole it, one pass and a trey.

Misery wins. So much for that SEC going 1-7 crap.


I like Dennis Gates. I think he’s done an outstanding job at Mizzou this year.


and Providence stuns Arizona

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Princeton, actually. Providence wouldn’t be that much of a shock.

So SEC is now 3-1, the L going to the Leghumpers.

Which SEC team has lost? I only see 3 wins by Ark, Bama and Mizzou. Still to play tonight is Auburn, Tenn and Aggies.

Moo U lost in the First Four the other night

Oh yea I forgot all about them, actually I try to forget about them usually.


Generally a good policy


my mistake…sorry…Providence was stuck in my mind