UTSA over Illini

37-30. Lunney over Bielema. Wow.

What next? Chad Morris and Allen lose to break a long home winning streak? Oh, wait….


Congrats UTSA!


My neighbor is an Illinois alum. He was there when Butkus played at Illinois. He likes to talk to me about Bret. Friday he stopped and he was big time on the Bret bus. He said that Saturday we have an “easy game” against some little team in Texas. I didn’t respond. I’m betting he’s not so hot on Bret today.


Some scores just astound me. There was a time there were no such upsets. That was what made our loss to the Citadel so humiliating. But yesterday UTSA beat Illinois, Montana beat Washington, and East TN demolished Vanderbilt. (I know. It’s Vandy. But it’s also East TN State. I didn’t even know there was such a place )

UTSA now the ZZTop of college football. JT could be movin on up soon. BL with a good chance to take his place. Loved seeing the Griz take down mighty Washington. I’ve really become a fan of the Montana and South Dakota schools. Great win for Pierre Strong and his Jackrabbits over CSU on Friday. The Vandy loss is just embarassing. Why is it that we only play Vandy on those rare years that they are decent?

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I heard a rumor that Jack Crowe’s assisted living flag football team lost to a buncha granola crunchin grannies.

At least UTSA is FBS. ETSU and Montana aren’t.

East Tennessee dropped football for several years not long ago. The have nots are showing up.

BB was busy counting his money…

I have not seen U Montana stadium except on TV. Dramatic setting. I spend a lot of time at both SDSU and NDSU. They both have very nice and impressive stadiums, and play an excellent brand of football.

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AND, having a drink or seven

Did you know, Jim, that Jan is from Fargo and went to. NDSU?

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Coming up, @Virginia, Maryland, @Purdue

Later a 5 game stretch of Wisconsin, @Penn St, Rutgers, @Minnesota, @Iowa.

I dunno, will BB win another conference game? 1? 2? :sunglasses:

BB has already won one more conference game than his successor at UA ever won.
Home games with Purdue, Wisconsin and Northwestern are all potentially winnable for Illinois. And Maryland was picked last in its division.

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Meant this year of course.Purdue on the road, L. Brohm v Bret, laughable.

Home Games
Wisconsin L
Rutgers L Bret v Schiano
Northwestern, he could win that one :smile:

We’ll see :sunglasses:

I was not impressed by Wisconsin yesterday at all. Penn State shut them down. Purdue either really; 9 point home win over Molester State isn’t headline news. BB may not win another game. Or he may win 3-4. Illinois isn’t very good or Lovie Smith wouldn’t have been fired.

No, didn’t know that. I have grown to really like the people up there. NDSU seems to be a very good school. They certainly do good research for me.

One of my favorite students just finished her first year working in plant breeding at NDSU, and my last MS student got his BS. They sure love their Bisons.

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Bielema gonna Bielema…

They take their football serious.

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