UTSA Head Coach Jeff Traylor's Introduction

Saw Jeff Traylor’s formal introduction as UTSA’s new Head Coach last night on the six o’clock news. Not a single clichés or slogans. No “slip the clutch” No “grind the gears”. No “Left Lane and going 45 in a 75 MPH zone” stuff. CJT knocked it out of the park and has the entire city and school fired up. The school and the fan base had grown less than enamored of his predecessor, Frank Wilson, but the players loved him. No mass player walkout like occurred at Ol’ Miss, but they will need some convincing, and last night was a very good start. But, that is the good part of taking over. The challenge part is that the Roadrunner’s opening game in 2020 is on the road…at LSU…at night. Death Valley and 90,000 drunk and screaming Cajuns, and against the prohibitive betting favorite for this year’s championship. So he and CBL will have their hands full in their very first game at their new school. But CJT is definitely undefeated in press conferences right now, and is off to a good start. Nothing public/formal on CBL yet other than a news release on the, but expect that to hit the local media today.